Ecocentro Demolition

smaltimento rottami

All scrap that Ecocentro Demolizioni recovers from individuals and companies is taken to a special area on-site for sorting and storage. 

Scrap iron, aluminum, copper and brass are carefully checked, to ensure certified products that are free from any contamination.

Ferrous Waste Disposal

materiali ferrosi

An important branch of Ecocentro Demolizioni works in the recovery, disposal and transportation of scrap, ferrous and non-ferrous materials. Nowadays our Siniscola company, in the province of Nuoro, which also operates in the provinces of Olbia, Sassari and Oristano deals with the collection of industrial waste and safe, environmentally friendly disposal.

Choosing Ecocentro Demolizioni is a great way not only to help the environment by giving new life to old scrap, but also provides significant economic benefits to business customers seeking quality materials at reasonable prices.

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