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Ecocentro Demolition Srl performs the collection, transport and treatment of special hazardous and non-hazardous materials. The Directorate Ecocentro Srl Demolition, intends to provide a service that meets the needs of its customers and stakeholders, ensuring workplace safety for its employees and operating in an environmentally friendly way. As part of these intentions we have implemented a Quality Management System conforming to the standards of the Quality-Safety-Environment System (QSA), according to voluntary standards UNI EN ISO 9001: 2008, UNI EN ISO 14001: 2004 and EC Regulation 1221-2009 ( emas), standard BS OHSAS 18001: 2007, Guidelines for an occupational health and safety management system at work (SGSL) for the following:

Securing, scrapping, material recovery and disposal of motor vehicles, collection, transport and the retention hazardous and non-hazardous waste.

In doing this work we undertake to:

  • clarify duties and responsibilities so that, in the management of the Integrated Management System Quality, Environment and Safety, covering the whole organization, from Employer to worker is upheld, according to function and responsibility;

  • consider the Quality Management System, Environment and Security regulations as an integral part of business management;

  • provide the human and material resources necessary;

  • ensure that workers are sensitized and trained to perform their duties and assume their responsibilities in relation to all aspects of the Management System;

  • the commitment to regularly review the company policy and management system implemented;

  • the effort to develop and cascade within the company objectives in quality in: Environment, Safety and related programmes

  • integrate environmental factors in decision-making at a strategic level;

  • keep tabs on all processes, and production stages in particular, identify and record any problems - represented by data and facts - and manage deviations from standards through appropriate corrective action, including monitoring the implementation;

  • take preventive and corrective actions based not only on the analysis of complaints by stakeholders and the issues arising during the audit, but also through the verification of the overall performance by anticipating the occurrence of deviations from the standard of products, processes and systems;

  • constantly adjust the system (and then update its Integrated Manual and associated documentation) to the evolution of needs in the industry, and enforce the requirements on the part of all staff involved;

  • involve and consult the staff constantly (even through their safety representatives), in considering that the quality problems, environmental impact and safety are everyone's problems, and require participation in their research and proposals for their solution, according to the their functions and responsibilities, aiming at the constant improvement of products, processes, services, working conditions, the Environment and Safety;

  • implement a careful and targeted assessment and involvement of supplier base, and promote and implement processes and procedures for mutual benefit in line with the criteria for improvement within company policy on Quality, Environment and Safety;

  • consolidate any new solution adopted and verify customer satisfaction, internal or external

  • commitment to maintaining the compliance of business activities to the statutory and regulatory requirements applicable to the safety of workers and monitoring of environmental impacts;

  • the commitment to carry out the activities of handling and storage of waste on suitable surfaces, and to periodically check the condition of the floors, in order to prevent any contamination of the soil and subsoil;

  • process optimization, periodic monitoring of installed garrisons and training of employees to emergency management;

  • the commitment to continual improvement of performance through the progressive adoption of best technologies and management methods available for control of its environmental aspects;

  • Every business process measured by appropriate performance indicators;

  • pay attention to the needs of stakeholders, on a by request basis and through a system of monitoring and evaluation of the feedback;

  • pursue constant innovation know-how, and the standardization of methods and experience;

  • systematically verify compliance with the contractual terms, the statutory and regulatory requirements and defined economic objectives;

  • run on extended scale benchmarking analysis, by comparing the quality of services provided with the services offered by the national market leader and the quality perceived by their customers;

  • identify, assess and better manage the direct and indirect environmental aspects applicable to business activities.

In implementation of the above, the objectives that raises the Ecocentro Demolition Ltd are:

  • improving the image and reputation in the market;

  • the satisfaction of stakeholders (shareholders, customers, users, employees, suppliers);

  • compliance with contractual commitments explicit and implicit;

  • care in customer communication and liaison;

  • the customer;

  • the adoption of the most modern techniques of customer support, which will be pursued through constant training and updating;

  • the continuous improvement of its technical and organizational capabilities that can reduce the environmental impact and risks associated with its activities;

  • the identification and assessment of the environmental effects and risks due to accidents, potential accidental events and emergency situations;

  • take the necessary measures to reduce environmental impacts due to emergency situations;

  • the continuous improvement of working conditions and actions in health and safety of workers;

  • recognize and appreciate employees who shall comply with the safety regulations, so that the rest of the staff is more interested and motivated to do the same;

  • make available tools, equipment and vehicles selected and tested, and undergo regular maintenance in order to preserve safety;

  • assess in advance the environmental impacts of new plants used, and modifications to existing plants;

  • improve product waste management, with particular attention to separate waste;

  • control consumption of water resources;

  • control the consumption of energy resources.

The implementation of this policy is a daily commitment of the entire joint staffing at all corporate levels. It is supported financially by the Company, it shall be reviewed periodically by the Management and the Head of Integrated Management, is subject to transparency, customer verification and stakeholders and is controlled in an objective manner by an independent certification body. All staff, customers, the market and in general all parties involved in the activities and the products and services of the Eco-center Demolition Srl have access to these intentions and, when deemed necessary, the opportunity to visit the company.

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Isidoro Mossa

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