Bonifica e Smaltimento Amianto

Ecocentro Demolition Srl are salvage and car part specialists in Siniscolain in the province of Nuoro, Italy. We have been dealing in car parts for many years, are experienced and professional and offer our customers a wide range of pre-owned and new spare parts.

We possess the ISO 14001 certification; ISO 9001, ISO 18001 and EMAS num. EN 001 215.



Ecocentro Demolition Srl offers a comprehensive scrap metal and waste disposal service to customers including:

  • Recycling of materials and reuse of parts recovered
  • Disposal of obsolete electronic equipment


Contact Us

For quotes, information on services and scrapping practices, please contact us directly on 0784 875 426

Spare part recycling


Used spare parts - Spare parts for used cars - Used spare parts for commercial vehicles

Special waste recycling

Recycling electrical cables, Packaging Recovery, ferrous metals - such as refrigerators.

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